The Digital Transformation Road Map

Search the internet and you will find many models for developing digital transformation road maps, some better than others. For me, there are four main elements that must be addressed; The Art of the Possible; Determination of Priorities; Cultural Shift; and Plan and Execute. This is depicted below.

Art of the Possible

Many manufactures are familiar with CADCAM, automated machine tools, MRP systems and now additive manufacturing and robotics. However, these technologies are just the tip of the iceberg. For example, AI and ML offers a high impact at relatively low investment — the low hanging fruit of digital transformation — and virtual assistants can accelerate operational productivity.

Determine Priorities

When determining priorities, it is important to understand current capability not only in terms of already digital tools and systems but also in terms of ​people, equipment, supply chain and customer capability.

Cultural Shift

The importance of whole company buy-in cannot be understated. The stakeholder community needs to be engaged, especially customers and suppliers. Much has been written about how digital technologies will affect jobs and skills requirements and it is recognised that manufacturing will be one of the sectors most impacted.

Plan and Execute

Adopting digital technologies is a step-by-step approach implementing the highest priority uses first. A key to successfully implementing digital technologies is to adopt Agile Project Management techniques.

Revolution from Evolution

The small steps that you will take will be evolutionary but as they build you will change the shape and thinking of your company. You will truly create a revolution from this evolutionary approach.



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