1. Identifying the challenge

As a starting point, one of the first areas to address is identifying the challenge that you are trying to solve or the vision you want to deliver. Maybe ask yourself: ‘What is impeding you or what could be done better?’

2. Determine the business value

With a clear challenge or need identified, you now need to determine the potential value to the business. One of the easier places to start is to ask ‘Is it going to save you time or money? Or is it going to add new revenues for your services?’, and then consider other benefits.

3. Outline a solution

With an understanding of the challenge and value, you can now start to outline a high level or conceptual solution.

4. Assess your data (and other things)

If you’ve started with the business challenge and worked through the process to outline your solution, you should have developed a reasonable idea of what data you need and what data could be useful.

5. Get set, get ready…

Your ability to develop your solution will depend on your approach and desired solution for your project. There are a range of tools and solutions in the market that can help you accelerate your project such as the Microsoft Cognitive Services.

  • whether to run on premise or in the cloud, or,
  • the availability of skilled resource.



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